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We provide a replacement car to a person who is NOT at fault in an accident and the costs are billed to the at fault party’s insurance company.   We have a variety of standard cars (auto and manual), 4WD (5 and 7 seaters) and commercial vehicles available to offer our clients. We try to provide the client with a “like for like” vehicle to minimise inconvenience as much as possible.

  The staff at NIR has approx 25yrs combined experience in the insurance and car hire / demurrage industry. We regularly attend conferences and meetings to ensure we can maximise your claim benefits by having a better understanding of the repair industry whilst trying to make the traumatic experience of having an accident a smooth as possible transition when replacing your drive car whilst it is in for repairs.

  There is no need to catch a train plane or automobile to pick up the replacement car as NIR will come to you. We can make arrangements to deliver the vehicle to the repairer, your home or work and when your repairs are finished just leave our car at the smash repairer, hand them the keys get into your own car and drive away, no need to drop the car back to us.

  The next step is to fill in an application form with us on line by clicking on APPLICATION. Alternatively you can call us and one of our friendly consultants will assist you.

  We will liase with your smash repairer and the insurance companies to ensure that you are not without a car for too long. Majority of the time you can remain in one of our replacement cars until the repairs on your car has been completed.

  If you have CAR HIRE ON YOUR POLICY we can organise a car and send the invoice directly to your insurance company.

 If you don’t have car hire on your policy and you are at fault or just need a vehicle to get around in we can organise to deliver a vehicle to you. Just click on the NVH link for the car hire company.

 NIR and all its staff are holders of a Commercial & Private Inquiry Agent Licence (Master CAPI Licence: 409358497) and that allows us to recover the costs of the hire car and other associated costs on your behalf. We are bound by and uphold the standards of the Australian Privacy Act. (On 1 November 2010 the Office of the Privacy Commissioner was integrated into the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). An interim website for the OAIC is available at
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