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Frequently asked questions:

Q:   How long does the process take?
A:   Once the application is completed, liability is established and documents received, we will arrange a suitable delivery date with your repairer. The process all up can take anywhere from 2hrs to 24hrs depending on the lodgement of a claim by the third party (at fault) and how long it takes for their insurer to assess liability.

Q:   What do I need to provide?
A:   We will need a copy of your drivers licence, registration papers and insurance policy. These can be faxed or emailed directly to us or lodged on-line

Q:   Is there a bond?
A: Yes. The bond is payable at the time of delivery and is normally a credit card imprint. It is taken to ensure the car returns with the same amount of fuel as received at the time of delivery, in the same condition as received and with no additional damage to the vehicle.

Q:   How much will this cost me?
A:   There is no charge to you so long as the third party (at fault) has lodged a claim and confirmed liability.

Q:   Will I have to sign anything?
A:   Yes. We have paperwork that will be given to you at the time of delivery for you to read over and sign. The paperwork allows us to claim back the cost of the hire car. Our staff explain each piece of paper so that you have a clear understanding of what it is you are signing. We will also provide you with a copy of each document you have signed.

Q:   Will there be any problems recovering the cost of the hire car?
A:   Sometimes we do have to engage and external recovery agent to help us to recover. In this case we will pay all the fees to that recovery agent so long as you agree to sign any paperwork they may require to help recover the costs of the rental car hired by you.

Q:   Where do I pick up the car from?
A:   We can arrange to deliver the car to you at the repairers, office or home at no extra cost to yourself so long as it is Sydney Metro. A small fee may apply to clients who are outside our radius. You are also able to pick up a car from our office in Kings Park NSW.

Q:   Can I have any car I want?
A:   No. The insurance company pays for a car that is similar to your own car eg: you have a Toyota Yaris you are entitled to a small car with the same engine capacity so you won't be placed into a large sedan or 4WD as the insurance company will only pay for the hire of a small car.

Q:   Can I pay extra for an upgrade?
A:   Yes. But we will only be charging the insurance company for the costs related to hiring a car of similar capacity to yours so any additional charges are payable by you.

Q:   Is the hire car insured?
A:   Yes we have full comprehensive insurance on all our cars.

Q:   Who can drive the car?
A:   Only the people listed on the rental agreement. All drivers must be over the age of 21yrs.

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